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Our Ethos

We are creating a comedy community. Join us on our journey in becoming London’s funniest, most diverse and creative space for comedy.

Our passion is making sure that our audiences and our comedians feel welcome an valued at all times. We are dedicated in making sure that everyone has the best experiences in our venue – but most importantly that our audience and comedians want to come back to us. We don’t mean to be forward so quickly, since we’ve just met – but we’re in this for the long run.

Everyone is welcome.

Our staff are well trained to make sure we are a safe space for all. In turn, we look after our staff by paying at least London living wage, and all service charges go directly to them.

Abuse of any kind be it towards our comedians, staff or audience is not tolerated.

We have invested in lighting, sound and production to guarantee every show we put on looks and sounds as best it can.

We appreciate and welcome feedback and can’t wait to get to know you.

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